Viksjö - still wild, still clean
Land of Adventure.

Viksjö has about 450 inhabitants. We live here because we are comfortable here, and of course the beautiful countryside surrounding us contributes to that feeling. We have the opportunity to enjoy and experience nature, and we invite you to enjoy it also. Welcome!

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On this page you find information on some companies and organisations in Viksjö.

The Mjällån Fishery
The Mjällån Fishery works to improve fishing in the rivers and lakes around Viksjö. Read about the biotope improvements being made, where to buy a fishing licence, rules and regulations etc. There is also an up-to-date Catch Report available at all times.

Viksjö Community Centre
Viksjö has a modern Community Centre, used for seminars, conferences and auctions among other things. The Viksjö Community Centre Association is an active organisation, which helps to improve the quality of life within of the village with community centre activities

The Västanå Falls Naturum
This is located in The Västanå Falls Nature Reserve - a beautiful place with memories from the era of the iron foundry during the 18th and 19th centuries. In the Naturum there are exhibitions with "talking" dolls, an aquarium, stuffed animals, slide show etc.

Viksjö Hembygdsförening
Viksjö Hembygdsförening were founded 1948. It is working with local-historical research and does also run a museum in the old school.

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